Please Don't Ask Me, Please Don't Ask Me

Is there a more comically hoary melodramatic (or dully hoary comic) plot device than the motiveless delay of a speech which would close the story down? Is any other story to be found in Vertigo?

Vertigo's relationships are based entirely on what's not said -- or rather on the tense assumption that something very important is not being said. The characters are correct to fear expression, since their unspoken thoughts would wither and vanish if exposed to air:

The lovers of the void insist that it unveil itself ("Try for me," Ferguson begs Madeline Elster, and, in turn, Wood begs Ferguson), but are never willing to reveal their own truths. Ferguson's (and Hitchcock's apologists' -- that is, our) most laughably transparent lie is "You see? There's an answer for everything."
Copyright 1998 Ray Davis