Paper dolls

Tuesday Weld Sings!
...well, anyway, Tuesday Weld Records!

And Jack C Stalnaker speaks:
It only took me (almost) four decades, but I FINALLY got the semi-legendary Weld single "Are You the Boy?" There is nothing else in life to look forward to now, unless, maybe, if Tuesday could be convinced to tour with a musical review. This will happen right after Ryan O'Neal tours with "Hamlet."

Anyway, it had been a mere 20 years (almost to the day) since the last time I actually heard this record, which, incidentally, was only the second time I'd EVER heard the thing. So it kind of amazes me that tonight I was hearing the thing for only the third time. I mean, it had acquired a certain aura in my mind -- like a newly-discovered Beethoven symphony or a newly discovered sequence from "Intolerance."

Amazingly, the A side, "Are You the Boy?" (MP3, 2.2 MB) is really not bad at all. It's got a nice Lesley Gore feel to it. Tuesday sings off key, but it really sounds like her persona of 40 years ago. Even more amazing is that the B-side ("All Through Spring and Summer" (MP3, 2.5 MB)) is actually rather good. She even sings well on it. It's a Connie Francis-type ballad, and very nice. Both sides are very well produced; nothing cheap for our girl.

... and adds:
I'm in my right mind today. Both sides are definitely in the Paul Petersen/Shelley Fabares mode -- very bubble gum. But I'm still very impressed with the record. So much better than I remembered.
It's not that Jack's not in his right mind. He's just very kind. Actually, the girl really can't sing a lick. Either she was like Fred Flintstone and sounded much better in the shower, or this is just another example of every possible nickel being squoze out of a teenaged family provider by a stage mother. But we can't kick about the historical interest!
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