"My fat ass is my desert,
And cheap red wine my drug."

-- Omar Khayam

"... we can think of far more bourgeois, far easier ways to spend a weekend than taking drugs in the middle of nowhere. It's easy enough to scoff while we sit on our fat asses and drink cheap red wine for the millionth weekend in a row."
-- Suck, 2 December 1996.
Bourgeois Proletariat Consciousness
Getting drunk Getting stoned and drunk
Public transit Land Rover
Looking like the Slits in mud Looking like Joey Heatherton in mud
Home movies Home video transferred to QuickTime clips
Making a model of Chartres out of toothpicks Paying to watch big metal objects fall apart noisily
Weekends Long weekends
Not reading Wired Reading Wired but not enjoying it

Copyright 1996 Ray Davis