All Or Nothing.

Bayard Taylor.

Whoso answers my questions
 Knoweth more than me;
Hunger is but knowledge
 In a less degree:
Prophet, priest, and poet
 Oft prevaricate,
And the surest sentence
 Hath the greatest weight.

When upon my gaiters
 Drops the morning dew,
Somewhat of Life’s riddle
 Soaks my spirit through.
I am buskined by the goddess
 Of Monadnock’s crest,
And my wings extended
 Touch the East and West.

Or ever coal was hardened
 In the cells of earth,
Or flowed the founts of Bourbon,
 Lo! I had my birth.
I am crowned coeval
 With the Saurian eggs,
And my fancy firmly
 Stands on its own legs.

Wouldst thou know the secret
 Of the barberry-bush.
Catch the slippery whistle
 Of the moulting thrush.
Dance upon the mushrooms,
 Dive beneath the sea,
Or anything else remarkable,
 Thou must follow me!