Jubilate Agno

by Christopher Smart


For H is a spirit and therefore he is God.

For I is person and therefore he is God.

For K is king and therefore he is God.

For L is love and therefore he is God.

For M is musick and therefore he is God.

For N is novelty and therefore he is God.

For O is over and therefore he is God.

For P is power and therefore he is God.

For Q is quick and therefore he is God.

For R is right and therefore he is God.

For S is soul and therefore he is God.

For T is truth and therefore he is God.

For U is union and therefore he is God.

For W is worth and therefore he is God.

For X has the pow'r of three and therefore he is God.

For Y is yea and therefore he is God.

For Z is zeal and therefore he is God, whom I pray to be gracious to the Widow Davis and Davis the Bookseller.

For Christ being A and Ω is all the intermediate letters without doubt.

For there is a mystery in numbers.

For One is perfect and good being at unity in himself.

For Two is the most Imperfect of all numbers.

For every thing infinitely perfect is Three.

For the Devil is two being without God.

For he is an evil spirit male and female.

For he is called the Duce by foolish invocation on that account.

For Three is the simplest and best of all numbers.

For Four is good being square.

For Five is not so good in itself but works well in combination.

For Five is not so good in itself as it consists of two and three.

For Six is very good consisting of twice three.

For Seven is very good consisting of two compleat numbers.

For Eight is good for the same reason and propitious to me Eighth of March 1761 hallelujah.

For Nine is a number very good and harmonious.

For Cipher is a note of augmentation very good.

For innumerable ciphers will amount to something.

For the mind of man cannot bear a tedious accumulation of nothings without effect.

For infinite upon infinite they make a chain.

For the last link is from man very nothing ascending to the first Christ the Lord of All.

For the vowell is the female spirit in the Hebrew consonant.

For there are more letters in all languages not communicated.

For there are some that have the power of sentences. O rare thirteenth of march 1761.

For St Paul was caught up into the third heavens.

For there he heard certain words which it was not possible for him to understand.

For they were constructed by uncommunicated letters.

For they are signs of speech too precious to be communicated for ever.

For after ת there follows another letter in the Hebrew tongue.

For his name is Wau and his figure is thus Wau .

For the Æolians knew something of him in the spirit, but could not put him down.

For the figures were first communicated to Esaw. God be gracious to Musgrave.

For he was blest as a merchant.

For the blessing of Jacob was in the spirit and Esau's for temporal thrift.

For the story of Orpheus is of the truth.

For there was such a person a cunning player on the harp.

For he was a believer in the true God and assisted in the spirit.

For he play'd upon the harp in the spirit by breathing upon the strings.

For this will affect every thing that is sustaind by the spirit, even every thing in nature.

For it is the business of a man gifted in the word to prophecy good.

For it will be better for England and all the world in a season, as I prophecy this day.

For I prophecy that they will obey the motions of the spirit descended upon them as at this day.

For they have seen the glory of God already come down upon the trees.

For I prophecy that it will descend upon their heads also.

For I prophecy that the praise of God will be in every man's mouth in the Publick streets.

For I prophecy that there will be Publick worship in the cross ways and fields.

For I prophecy that the general salutation will be. The Lord Jesus prosper you. I wish you good luck in the name of the Lord Jesus!

For I prophecy that there will be more mercy for criminals.

For I prophecy that there will be less mischief concerning women.

For I prophecy that they will be cooped up and kept under due controul.

For I prophecy that there will be full churches and empty play-houses.

For I prophecy that they will learn to take pleasure in glorifying God with great cheerfulness.

For I prophecy that they will observe the Rubrick with regard to days of Fasting and Abstinence.

For I prophecy that the clergy in particular will set a better example.

For I prophecy that they will not dare to imprison a brother or sister for debt.

For I prophecy that hospitality and temperance will revive.

For I prophecy that men will be much stronger in the body.

For I prophecy that the gout, and consumptions will be curable.

For I prophecy that man will be as good as a Lupine.

For the Lupine professes his Saviour in Grain.

For the very Hebrew letter is fairly graven upon his Seed.

For with diligence the whole Hebrew Alphabet may be found in a parcel of his seed.

For this a stupendous evidence of the communicating God in externals.

For I prophecy that they will call the days by better names.

For the Lord's day is the first.

For the following is the second.

For so of the others untill the seventh.

For the seventh day is the Sabbath according to the word of God direct for ever and ever.

For I prophecy that the King will have grace to put the crown upon the altar.

For I prophecy that the name of king in England will be given to Christ alone.

For I prophecy that mm will live to a much greater age. This ripens apace God be praised.

For I prophecy that they will grow taller and stronger.

For degeneracy has done a great deal more than is in general imagined.

For men in David's time were ten feet high in general.

For they had degenerated also from the strength of their fathers.

For I prophecy that players and mimes will not be named amongst us.

For I prophecy in the favour of dancing which in mutual benevolence is for the glory of God.

For I prophecy that the exactions of Moab will soon be at an end.

For the Moabites even the French are in their chastisement for humiliation.

For I prophecy that the Reformation will make way in France when Moab is made meek by being well drubbed by the English.

For I prophecy that the Reformation will make great way by means of the Venetians.

For the Venetian will know that the Englishman is his brother.

For the Liturgy will obtain in all languages.

For England is the head and not the tail.

For England is the head of Europe in the spirit.

For Spain, Portugal and France are the heart.

For Holland and Germany are the middle.

For Italy is one of the legs.

For I prophecy that there will not be a meetinghouse within two miles of a church.

For I prophecy that schismaticks will be detected.

For I prophecy that men will learn the use of their knees.

For every thing that can be done in that posture (upon the knees) is better so done than otherwise.

For I prophecy that they will understand the blessing and virtue of the rain.

For rain is exceedingly good for the human body.

For it is good therefore to have flat roofs to the houses, as of old.

For it is good to let the rain come upon the naked body unto purity and refreshment.

For I prophecy that they will respect decency in all points.

For they will do it in conceit, word, and motion.

For they will go forth afield.

For the Devil can work upon stagnating filth to a very great degree.

For I prophecy that we shall have our horns again.

For in the day of David Men as yet had a glorious horn upon his forehead.

For this horn was a bright substance in colour and consistence as the nail of the hand.

For it was broad, thick and strong so as to serve for defence as well as ornament.

For it brightened to the Glory of God, which came upon the human face at morning prayer.

For it was largest and brightest in the best men.

For it was taken away all at once from all of them.

For this was done in the divine contempt of a general pusillanimity.

For this happened in a season after their return from the Babylonish captivity.

For their spirits were broke and their manhood impair'd by foreign vices for exaction.

For I prophecy that the English will recover their horns the first.

For I prophecy that all the nations in the world will do the like in turn.

For I prophecy that all Englishmen will wear their beards again.

For a beard is a good step to a horn.

For when men get their horns again, they will delight to go uncovered.

For it is not good to wear any thing upon the head.

For a man should put no obstacle between his head and the blessing of Almighty God.

For a hat was an abomination of the heathen. Lord have mercy upon the Quakers.

For the ceiling of the house is an obstacle and therefore we pray on the house-top.

For the head will be liable to less disorders on the recovery of its horn.

For the horn on the forehead is a tower upon an arch.

For it is a strong munition against the adversary, who is sickness and death.

For it is instrumental in subjecting the woman.

For the insolence of the woman has increased ever since Man has been crest-fallen.

For they have turned the horn into scoff and derision without ceasing.

For we are amerced of God, who has his horn.

For we are amerced of the blessed angels, who have their horns.

For when they get their horns again they will put them upon the altar.

For they give great occasion for mirth and musick.

For our Blessed Saviour had not his horn upon the face of the earth.

For this was in meekness and condescension to the infirmities of human nature at that time.

For at his second coming his horn will be exalted in glory.

For his horn is the horn of Salvation.

For Christ Jesus has exalted my voice to his own glory.

For he has answered me in the air as with a horn from Heaven to the ears of many people.

For the horn is of plenty.

For this has been the sense of all ages.

For Man and Earth suffer together.

For when Man was amerced of his horn, earth lost part of her fertility.

For the art of Agriculture is improving.

For this is evident in flowers.

For it is more especially manifest in double flowers.

For earth will get it up again by the blessing of God on the industry of man.

For the horn is of plenty because of milk and honey.

For I pray God be gracious to the Bees and the Beeves this day.