From the first 1997 issue of IRIS Universe

A Special Report From
Ed McCracken, Chairman and CEO of Silicon Graphics

Amazing. In 1996, not only did the entertainment industry blow our minds with the whirlwind that was Twister, but Mario went 3D -- inspiring a new system to support him. TV commercials brought skating polar bears, seals, gas tanks, and credit cards to life. Special effects affected us even when we didn't realize they were present. It's simply remarkable that in one short year, the people who bring us the world of entertainment were able to take what they had at their disposal and create award-winning blockbusters, mesmerizing games, infectious commercials, and television shows -- all fueling a multibillion-dollar entertainment industry. The creative minds behind these successes have changed the entertainment industry and the way we look at the world. They have wrestled with technology and given it a human face. They do so because they are driven to create, communicate, and entertain, because they have ideas that they must share. They are inspired by those ideas; they are inspired by vision.

From the collection of Ray Davis