The Unreflected Life Is Not Worth Living

From a November 12, 1997, "San Francisco Bay Guardian" essay on Gen X self-help books including Get a Financial Life, Welcome to the Real World: Now Get a Life!, Frugal Indulgents, Pagan Kennedy's Living, The Rules: Time-Tested Secrets for Capturing the Heart of Mr. Right, and Cook Something: Simple Recipes and Sound Advice to Bring Good Food into Your Fabulous Lifestyle
These books speak to us in our own language.
We need to be flexible, ready to switch careers, apartments, cities. And we don't have time to waste. We're not too lazy to do things -- fix a bookshelf, cook dinner, decorate -- but we don't want to scour the world for information on how to do them. If we can read about a city and its job market, what its art scene is like, its cost of living, all in 10 pages, that's real knowledge for us.
We may not be holding up mirrors to our genitalia but we're holding them up to ourselves -- and seeing that we want to be smart and do things right.

From the collection of Ray Davis